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U13 Falcons 31/05/2014

31 May 2014

Great team game played by the Falcons aginast Forest Hill on Saturday saw the Falcons take the win with a 6-2 reverted score. The fielding was sharp with impressive plays by the infield helping out the pitchers and making it difficult for Forest Hill to score. Batting was much improved compared to previous weeks and baserunning excellent. Great pitching by Royce and Will backed up by Keeley behind the dish. Excellent line drive taken by Finlay at 2nd,. Riley with a nice tidy assist and great tag up baseruning and slide at home by Bailey. Nice work boys keep it going.


Hits: 3 (Royce), 2 (Keeley, Will), 1(Eathen, Bailey, Anthony, Finlay)


Kick off Winter 2014

4 April 2014

This season sees the first games scheduled for:

Saturday the 12th April

Make sure you get down to the nest and support the Falcons! 

Round 6: A Res Knox 14 vs Research 1

26 May 2012

Another wet Saturday and another game of baseball was upon us as we tackled Research at their home park.  Playing one of the lower teams on the ladder the boys were out to prove a point and get them back on top of the ladder.  

With a new starter on the hill for us this week in being very experienced Adrian Rice who was to take to the mound and completely baffle the opposition hitters.

Having scored a run in the first inning of every game so far the boys managed to keep the trend alive, scoring 1 run off another leadoff single to Nick Rice followed by a stolen base.  Steve Williams getting the simple job done of moving him over to third then brought home by Kieran Lewis on an infield ground ball.  Great to see the boys working together and doing the simple things to produce runs. First innings on the hill was a breeze for Adrian going 3 up 3 down quite easily.

The second innings is where the game was blown wide open with our boys scoring 8 runs to give us a 9-1 lead.   With 7 hits and 2 errors in the innings while we were batting put Research on the back foot and never came close to getting a victory.

The 3rd innings Research managed to score 1 run off Adrian with a couple of cheap hits, but out of the 8 innings that he threw that was all he gave up. Really Great performance.

Once again our hitting was over powering with Nick Rice 3hits-2sb, Steve Williams 2hits, Kieran Lewis 1hit-bb, Matt Gerraty 3hits, David hair 1hit-hbp, Jarrod Cowan 2hits, josh yung 3hits, Jack Archer 1hit-hbp and Jeff Machirus who was given his first start in the 2nds doing a great job in the outfield and collecting 3hits for a great game.

Our boys managed to score another 2 runs in the 5th and kept it going by scoring another 3 runs in the 7th inning to give us our final score of 14-1. Research were just no match for our boys this week getting out hit and out pitched.

Another Fantastic win for the 2nds and regaining that top spot on the ladder. Our next challenge is to keep winning games and stay on top of the ladder and really scare some teams below us.

All Looking forward to playing heathmont next week.

Cheers Leon

Round 4: A Res Knox 11 vs GMBC 6

11 May 2012

First up I would like to congratulate all the seconds players on a fantastic win over a very strong and competitive GMBC.  Our boys came out and put GMBC on the back foot from the very first pitch and for the rest of the game looked to have their number covered.

Leading off the first innings with and base hit, Nick got the ball rolling and followed it up with a stolen base the very next pitch.  Having a runner in scoring position Steve and Kieran produced base hits to score the 1st run and give us an early lead.

Josh was again as good as ever on the mound holding an every dangerous GMBC team to 2 runs after pitching a fine 6 innings.  Having a young pitcher on the hill for us that puts everything into it every inning is a real success for the team and it shows in the final score.

Having a 1 nil lead going into the third our boys thought it might be time to show why were are back in A grade smashing 7 runs off hits from Steve-2b, Rohan-1b, Chris Williams-2b, Kerian-1b, and Jarryd-2b combined with some fielding errors from GMBC ended up giving us an 8-0 lead.

Just to add to the pain David Hair decided in the 4th innings to knock a 2 run homerun off the top of the left field fence to give us a commanding lead of 10-0. We managed to bring in one more run with a couple more hits in the 8th innings from David Hair-1b, Mark Winton-1b and a walk from Chris Williams. 

Through the 6th and 7th innings GMBC manage to score 6 runs off a couple of walks and a couple of base hits but it wasn’t enough with Matt Gerrity and Nick Rice finishing off the game on the mound for us to take a big and much needed win.

I would say anytime you come out and smash up a team that has been very dominate the past couple of years is a good sign of things to come and the our boys are starting to put it all together as a team.  It was a great performance to be part of and moves us up into 2nd position on the ladder.  Winning our way back up into first spot is the main goal right now.

Another tough game this week against Greensbourgh, but I am sure our boys will give it all and come up with another win. Well done guys keep up the great work and good luck this week.


Cheers,   Leon

Round 3: A Res Knox 4 vs Nth Balwyn 1

4 May 2012

A soggy ground, dark clouds and a lot of rain were the conditions that faced both teams on Saturday afternoon.  Not ideal playing conditions but both teams had come to play with whatever Mother Nature had to throw at them.

Starting in the dry Josh Yung had the mound to himself and from the first pitch showed Nth Bawlyn they were going to struggle to score runs.  Breezing through the first inning set the tone on how he would face this team for the rest of the game.

Having Nth Balwyn throw a decent left hand pitcher on the hill our bats would have to come alive and our running game would have to be little bit more patient.

First innings would prove that our batters would have to make some adjustments in the box with their pitcher throwing some good stuff which fooled a couple of our hitters.  With a nil all ball game heading into the second Josh kept Nth Balwyn down again. With a leadoff single to Steve Willow we had a start with a runner on base.  Speed on the base paths again played a major role in scoring runs with another bunch of stolen bases by Steve Williams, Chris Wilcock, David Hair, Jarryd Cowan and Jack Archer all having stolen bases, but it was Chris Willow who brought home our first run with 1 of 2 hits for the game and scoring the first run for the game to give us a 1-0 lead.

The Knox boys didn’t stop there adding 1 run in each of the 3rd, 4th and 5th innings from a sac fly from Shaun Leary and a couple of errors from Nth Balwyn to give us a lead of 4-0.  As the rain began to get heavier and heavier the playing conditions got worse.  Nth Balwyn manage to scrape together 1 run in the 5th innings to make it a 4-1 lead to which would become the final score.

 With the weather set in the umpires decided that with 10 minutes to go it was time and game.

It wasn’t a great win by the boys this week as the playing conditions didn’t help but that is winter baseball and win is a win and you need to get every win you can. We will work week to week and get better and stronger.

Good job though boys slugging it out this week and well done to all the boys to help clean up the diamond for the ones game. It was a team effort even though they eventually go rained out.

Well done and see you all on the diamond next weekend.

Cheers   Leon.

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